Assagio in G minor by Johan Helmich Roman (Guitar Tab)

Assagio in G Minor by Johan Helmich Roman (1694-1758)

Johan Helmich Roman
Johan Helmich Roman (26 October 1694 – 20 November 1758) was a Swedish Baroque composer and Bach’s contemporary. He has been called “the father of Swedish music” or “the Swedish Handel.” As chief conductor of the Royal Court Orchestra, composer, musician and teacher, Roman laid the ground for an increasingly rich music scene in 18th century Sweden. He was also the first Swedish composer to attain international status, and had a prolific musical output covering most of the genres of his time, instrumental and vocal, with the exception of opera and oratorios.

Baroque Era. Capo 2. Key of Am/A. BeRI 320. 11 Pages. 112 bars. 3 parts: I. Allegro II. Andante III. Vif

Guitar Demo (Parsa Sanjari)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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