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Thank you for your purchase of the flash cards. I hope it will help you improve your sight reading. This page should answer some of your questions on how to use the flash card app.

FRONT PAGE (Note Selection)

Flashcard does not work?
Make sure you have selected at least one note before clicking on the SUBMIT button.

What happens if only one note is selected?
When one note is selected, the shuffle function obviously would not work. Select one note for a quick note reference.

What are the shortcuts for note selection?
Here are the shortcuts. One click of the button selects many notes at once

  • ALL – Select every note of the instrument
  • O – Quick select of an octave or all notes on a string. (found at the bottom of page).
  • V – Selects all notes up to the 5th fret (for guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and mandolin only)
  • Natural – Select all natural notes (coming soon on some apps)

I am more inclined in reading flats instead of sharps
Click on the #/b button to toggle between viewing cards in sharps or flats


What buttons do I press to get started?
Here’s how the app works. The front of the card (note on staff) is first shown. Then flip to the backside of card to reveal what note it is and how to play it on the instrument.

Click on these buttons in this order

  • 1) SHUFFLE then
  • 2) FLIP
  • and repeat this process

Or click AUTOPLAY to flip the cards hands free. (Autoplay flip time can be set in the future update).

How do I see the alternative fingerings/positions of a note
Click on the roman numerals (I, II, III, IV) to see the alternative fingerings/positions.

1) Choose the note you want to work with
2) At the front face of card, say what you think the answer is out loud. (do it in your head/mentally)
3) Flip to the back side to reveal answer.
3) If you’ve guessed the answer correctly, click on the “correct” button, otherwise click on the “wrong” button.
4) Return to the quiz home page, the note(s) you’ve got correct will have a star marked on it.

If you still have further questions or have a suggestion please email me. Thank you!

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