Londondery Air (Arranged by Tōru Takemitsu) by Irish Folk Song – Guitar Tab

Londondery Air Irish Folk Song. Arranged by Tōru Takemitsu (1930-1996) Although Takemitsu’s (1930-1996) artistically most ambitious works are focused on the genres orchestral and chamber music, the composer also displays great interest in popular music including jazz, pop and French chansons. He composed around a hundred film scores (Dodes’ka-Den, 1996). His 12 Songs for Guitar …

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You Raise Me Up by Westlife

You Raise Me Up by Westlife. Arranged by Sungha Jung Sungha Jung is a South Korean musician who specializes in acoustic fingerstyle guitar. Jung creates acoustic covers and arrangements, typically by ear and/or by watching videos, and composes original songs, which he plays and uploads online. His YouTube channel currently has more than 6.39 million …

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The Coolin by Anonymous (Guitar Tab)

The Coolin by Anonymous The Renaissance (which means “rebirth or “revival”) began around 1400 and ended in the early 1600s. The musicians and artists of the Renaissance looked back to classical models, spawning a new era of artistic growth. With the invention of the printing press, music became avaialble to the public as never before.

Fanny Power by Turlough O Carolan (Guitar Tab)

Fanny Power by Turlough O’Carolan(1670-1738) Turlough Carolan was a blind, early Irish harper, composer and singer whose great fame is due to his gift for melodic composition. He was the last great Irish harper-composer and is considered by many to be Ireland’s national composer