Think you know guitar strings

Many guitarists overlook the basic principles of how to select the best strings for their playing style. They often start with a particular brand of string and stick with it forever. Or, they are constantly switching brands and never focus on anything specific to their playing goals. 

A guitarist of any genre can sound better with a solid understanding of tone. Yet finding the best tone from the vast selection of string products on the market can be a daunting task. If you could improve your guitar with just one set of strings, would that be of interest to you? 

The facts about guitar and bass strings are being exposed for you in Professor String’s latest e-book called “Think You Know Guitar Strings?” It has been written as a guide that helps both beginners and advanced players.

You most likely have a fun guitar and great chops, but do you know anything about ASI? If not…here is your chance to learn about it. For the first time, someone has written a chapter about Advanced String Intonation (ASI). 
Who should read this book and learn about ASI?
1. Guitarist and bassists constantly battling tuning stability.
2. Guitarist who wish to record in tune.
3. Musicians who are meticulous about their guitars.

5. About the Author
6. Foreword
8. Introduction
11. String Makers
15. How Strings Are Marketed
18. History – Where it all began
19. Metal Strings
19. Nylon Strings
20. Gauge
21. Maintenance
22. Wound Strings
23. Flat Wound Strings
23. Round Wound Strings
24. Semi-Round Wound Strings
25. Electric versus Acoustic
25. String Coatings
26. Getting to Know Acoustic Guitar Strings
29. Tuning
30. Intonation
32. ASI…the untold tuning problem
33. Advanced String Intonation (ASI)
39. Final Word

eBook Title: Think You Know Guitar Strings?
Total Pages: 40
Edition 2.0
Price: $19.95

Includes a 56-Day Risk FREE Guarantee

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