Carcassi In Tablature


Carcassi In Tablature. The book includes over 100 pages of the best of Carcassi’s works. All music is digitally recorded by Ben Bolt in the order of publication. Carcassi has been proven to be a” best seller” among retailers. Now with the man who is credited with being the innovator of classic guitar in notation/tab/recording; this one is a no brainer

Ben Bolt is credited with being the first classical guitarist instructor to introduce the classic style of playing to the masses. Because of his worldwide success, his work has been mimicked throughout the publishing world.


Prelude in C
Danza in C
Allegretto in C
Grazioso in C
Waltc in C
Melody in C Major
Prelude in A Minor
Frolica in A Minor
Arpeggio in A Minor
Octave Study
Prelude in G
Arpeggio in G
Waltz in G
Andantino in G
Andante in G
Moderato in G
Allegretto in G
Prelude in E Minor
Arpeggio in E Minor
Triste in E Minor
Allegro in E Minor
Romanca in E Minor
Prelude in D
Arpeggio in D
Waltz in D
Rondino in D
Allegretto in D
Allegro in D Major
Prelude in B Minor
Prelude in A
Arpeggio in A
Allegretto in A
Waltz in A
March in A
Frolicia in A
Dance in A
Study in A
Intro in A
Allegretto in A
Jig in A
Study in A Major
Allegro in Triplets
Allegro Brillante
Prelude in F# Minor
Prelude in E
Arpeggio in E
Allegretto in E
Andantino in E
Frolica in E
Waltz in E
Study in E Major
Prelude in C# Minor
Prelue in F
Arpeggio in F
March in F
Allegretto in F
Melody in F Major
Andantino in F
Waltz in F
Prelude in D Minor

Good Points

  • Standard Notation including Tablature
  • Left and Right hand fingering included. Which save you the trouble of figuring out.
  • Accessible to Beginner levels. Pieces are from simple to intermediate.
  • Audio Cd included with Ben Bolt demonstrating on every piece.
  • Spiral Bound, easy to lay flat

Bad Points

  • Vague Title of Pieces. ie. Arpeggio in A can better named as Opus 60 No 9 in A
  • Some Carcassi History and Info would be nice.

Final Words
I would Recommend this book for beginners to intermediate levels. For those totally new to Classical. Matteo Carcassi is a great starting point. A lot of pieces are short enough to digest being a single page. This book helps one develop better techniques as some of Matteo Carcassi etudes are also included though the naming convention of these pieces can be better. Get your copy of Carcassi In Tablature by Ben Bolt.

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Book Details
Carcassi In Tablature by Ben Bolt
Spiral-bound: 128 pages
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc. (August 21, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0786675020
ISBN-13: 978-0786675029
Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.7 x 0.1 inches
Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces

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