Sons de Carrilhoes (Sounds of Bells) by Joao Penambuco

Sons de Carrilhoes (Sounds of Bells) by Joao Penambuco (1883-1947)

joao Pernambuco
João Teixeira Guimarães (1883-1947), better known as João Pernambuco, is one of the founders of the Brasilian guitar choro style, and his compositions for solo violão are deservedly considered belonging to the core of classic choro, popular with guitarists, loved and admired by audiences in Brazil and elsewhere.

Key Signature: D Major. Drop D tuning. Time Signature: 2/4. Loads of harmonics hence the title “bells”. All harmonics happen on the 7th (index) and 12 the fret (pinky). Theres’ a harmonic (A note) with index on the 7th fret (D string), try not to hit the string above. (A note (open 5th string needs to be suspended/heard). I played it straight with no repeats. Check my tab/sheet music for the actual order of play. It is AABBA. I did ABA.

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