Romance de Espana – Spanish Traditional (Guitar Tab)

Grade 3– Intermediate
Romance de Espana– Spanish Traditional Song
Exercise (ami)
Time 0:55

This song both lyrical and sentimental, made popular from the french movie “Jeux Interdits”. Romance de Espana melody is a classic classical piece and not too difficult to play. There are 2 parts to the song. Take each part at your own pace and get smooth with the ami pattern

ami all the way with some pulgar thumb bass line thrown in. Make sure you vary the volume giving it more emotions. Play each section once though you are supposed to play part 1 twice, followed by part 2 twice, and finally part 1 twice to finish. Make sure you suspend the Bass in Barred chords especially. Watch out for the left hand fingering as well. Many times in any instrument, you want to think ahead by choosing the best fingering for the next chord. A lot of times when you come across a chord which you can’t seem to play smoothly, look back one chord and try to find the best finger position to make transition to the next chord easier.

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