Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega (Guitar Tab)

Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909)
Grade 3– Intermediate
Exercise (ami)

Francisco Tarrega
Tárrega is considered to have laid the foundations for 20th century classical guitar and for increasing interest in the guitar as a recital instrument. Tárrega preferred small intimate performances over the concert stage. Some believe this was because he played without the nails needed for volume. Others say this was related to his childhood trauma.

This song right hand pattern (ami) is identical to “Romance de Espana’s” which I previously covered. Tarrega is one of my favorite. He is consider the father of Modern Guitar. What i like about him is the emotions his songs carry. Estudio or Study in Em is a lyrical and sentimental ballad.

Guitar Demo (David Tutmark)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

Using (ami) play with undulating volume to generate feeling. If you know “Romance de Espana” already, focus on the left hand fingering. There’s one tough bit in the second part of the song which i have marked with an asterisk. Once you master the (ami) patterns, learning “Romance de Espana” will be easy.
Taken From Spanish For Guitar by Howard Wallach.

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