Nocturno by Slavko Fumic (Guitar Tab)

Nocturno by Slavko Fumic (1912–1945)

The brothers Slavko Fumic´ (1912–1945) and Rudolf Fumic´ (1915 – 1951) were both born in Zagreb, Croatia, where they began their guitar careers before World War II. Thanks to their friend, the guitar-builder Ernest Köröskènyi, two of their albums have been preserved with their selected compositions published in Zagreb in 1956. They were very active, both as composers and as solo and duo guitarists, who even recorded for radio in the early days of broadcasting. Unfortunately, Slavko died prematurely in the war and Rudolf didn’t live much longer. Some of their pieces, like Slavko’s “Nocturne”, continue to be some of the most popular works among guitarists in the former Yugoslavia, while one of his preludes was performed by the great Austrian guitarist Luise Walker.

20th century. Croastia. Drop D. Key of D. 3/4 Time Signature. 3 pages. 51 Measures.

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