Schindler’s List Theme by John Williams

Schindler’s List Theme by John Towner Williams (1930-1993)
Transcribe by John Christopher Williams (1941-)

John Christopher Williams is an Australian classical guitarist, and a long-term resident of the United Kingdom. In 1973, he shared a Grammy Award win in the ‘Best Chamber Music Performance’ category with Julian Bream for Julian and John.

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from the motion picture “Schindler’s list”. Time Signature: 4/4. Key: G minor. 28 Measures. Odd tuning of CGDGBE. A tuned down to G (1 whole step). E tuned down to C (2 whole step)
Schindler’s List is a sad piece to end the year. This piece is composed by John Towner Williams and arranged for the guitar by John Christopher Williams, The latter is best known as a classical guitarist, he has explored many different musical genres. The Australian guitarist also wrote Cavatina for Deerhunter the Motion picture. Schindler’s List is a rewarding piece to learn. A slow mournful piece that evokes a forlorn and melancholic emotion.
Great Song. Play slow and Hold Notes to fill the void. Helps with a cutaway. 28 Bars in length. Needs to be memorized. Repeat first part twice with different endings. Groups of notes can be strummed. Or played in your own way. Add feelings while playing this piece.

Bar[12]-[14] High Frets Barre Chords in a faster tempo. Hold Barre Chords while playing the melody.
Bar[20] Tight spacing and difficulty holding the Bass note. Flatten and Hold the note with index on the 10th fret throughout measure.

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3 responses to “Schindler’s List Theme by John Williams”

  1. Jon Henderson says:

    Wonderful site, many thanks. Just to clarify, Cavatina wasn’t written by John Christopher Williams. It was written by Stanley Myers and recorded by John Williams years before the Deerhunter was made.

  2. Sahil says:

    Hi, wonderful site, and you’ve done a really good transcription on this tab. The only thing I feel which is wrong is that the first 14 bars aren’t repeated; instead there is a key change which occurs. If you listen to the recording: , and jump from 0:02 to 1:02 you can hear the difference.

    Thanks though 🙂

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