Gavotte II (BWV1012) by Johann Sebastian Bach

Gavottes II (BWV 1012) by JS Bach (1685-1750)
Grade 2 Early Intermediate

johann sebastian bach Gavotte 2 can be played either on it’s own or together with Gavotte 1 in this order: (Gavotte 1 – Gavotte 2 – Gavotte 1). Gavotte 2 is the middle interlude of this dance song. To me this section is easier than previous (2 grade lower). It is also shorter of the two. There are 3 parts in this tune and several repetitions.

Bar 3,14,18 – Right Hand 6 running notes (mi-mi-mi)
Part B has some tricky fingering. Good news is Part B is only played once in Gavotte 2. Part A is played 5 times and Part C is played 2 times. The order is AA-BA-CA-CA. Besides Part B’s fingering, practice on the alternating fingering. After that you can go learn gavotte 1 which gives good practice to your pull offs or if you know both Gavottes already, even better! Now you can play the entire Gavotte together. (Gavotte I – Gavotte II – Gavotte I)

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