El Mirador (Farruca) by Paco Pena

El Mirador (Farruca) by Paco Pena (1942-)

Paco Pena Paco Peña is a Spanish flamenco guitarist. He is regarded as one of the world’s foremost traditional Flamenco players. Pena began performing throughout Spain with a government-sponsored folk music and dance program where Peña established himself as a highly-regarded accompanist to Flamenco dance and singing.

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The Farruca has a form which is sung, although it is now almost invariably performed as a dance or a guitar solo. It had its origin in Galicia in northern Spain (a somewhat unlikely place in flamenco geography), and Galicians who emigrated were given the name ‘farruco’. When the farruca reached Andalucia it began to change its character, taking on a flamenco form over the course of time.

Flamenco. 37 Measures. 3 Pages. Time Signature 4/4. Key of A Minor. Rasgueado

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