Study in G Major by Napoleon Coste (Guitar Tab)

Study in G Major by Napoleon Coste (1806-1883)
Grade 2 Early Intermediate

Napoleon Coste
Napoleon is french and is a major figure in guitar composition of the mid-nineteenth century. Napoleon was taught by his mother at a very early age. Napoleon later became Fernando sor’s student and quickly established himself as the leading French virtuoso guitarist. Napoleon is the first composer to transcribe guitar music of the 17th centurty to the modern era.

20 Bars. Suspend the first note or the root of the chord during the scale runs. No Barred Chords. Play the scale in a uniform tempo and end slowly with the chordal finale. There is a single hammer on in which you use your finger on the left hand to hammer the note rather than plucking it on the right hand. This study is a good introduction of what a classical guitar can do. They are 2 voices. Study in G Major consist of a ascending and descending of a scale(voice 1) during the bass note suspension(voice 2).

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