Paquito by Luis de Soria (Guitar Tab)

Paquito by Luis de Soria (1851-1935)

Luis de Soria
Luis de Soria (1851-1935) was self-taught at the age of 9, and became a disciple of Julian Arcas. It was during this time Arcas introduced Soria with another young guitarist, Francisco Tarrrga; this lead to duo performance of the two young players. Unfortunately their partnership split when Tarrrga was contracted to play in Paris and Soria was not able to accompany him due to family reasons. Nevertheless this time was fruitful enough for Soria to dedicated himself to the guitar. Soria gave many concerts around Europe and teaching is one of his passion. Soria was the first teacher of Regino Sáenz de la Maza. His works are of great interest for the study of the turn-of-the-century guitar nationalism. Soria’s compositions display his instrumental skills and show a deep knowledge of Spanish Folklore as well as a fine sense of style.

Romantic. Andantino. Waltz. 78 Measures. 4 Pages. Time Signature 3/4. Key of A/Eminor.

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