Scarborough Fair (Arranged by Gary Ryan) Traditional English (Guitar Tab)

Scarborough Fair (Canticle) (Arranged by Gary Ryan) Traditional English

Gary Ryan
The British guitarist Gary Ryan is a leading exponent of the guitar and has performed to international critical acclaim, becoming the first guitarist since John Williams in 1983 to be awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Music in 2013.

Traditional English. Flowing. 6th string C. 5th string G. Key of Eb. 5 pages. 112 bars.
From bar 70 onwards to the end, except for the tremolo notes, the bass line should be played using the R.H thumb and muted by placing the little finger between the 5th and 6th strings at the bridge. The upper notes should be hammered by the L.H only on the 3rd and 5th strings. The bass tremolo notes are played unmuted using rapid motion of the ‘i’ finger.

Guitar Demo (Gary Ryan)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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