Opus 202 Mallorca by Issac Albeniz (Guitar Tab)

Opus 202 Mallorca (Barcarolla)by Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)

Issac Albeniz

The virtuoso pianist and composer Isaac Albeniz was an instrumental figure in the development of the Spanish “nationalist” school of composition. Asturias-Leyenda is from his “Suite espanola” which contains eight pieces for piano with both geographical and generic titles. For example, Asturias is an old province of northwestern Spain, and a leyenda is a type of dance.



Romantic Era. Barcarolla. 67 Measures. 10 Pages. 6/8 Time Signature. Drop D. key of d minor.

Guitar Demo (Tatyana Ryzhkova)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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