Ojos Engros (Dark Eyes) Russian Folksong (Guitar Tab)

Ojos Engros (Dark Eyes) Russian Folksong

The melody of ‘Ojos negros que fascinan’, a bolero, was composed upon request by Garay to a Russian choir girl with beautiful and expressive eyes when an Opera company from Russia came to visit Cuba in the early to mid-1890s. Garay stated that “the melody of ‘Ojos negros’ (Dark Eyes) went back to Russia with the musicians and it was not until many years later that he found out through a friend that the song was part of the soundtrack of a Russian film playing at the local theatre.

Russian Folksong. Time Signature 3/4. 164 measures. 6 page. Key of A minor. Arranged by Tran Duc Tai

Guitar Demo (Huy Đặng Viết)

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