Le Souvernir by Zani Ferranti

Le Souvernir by Marco Aurelio Ferranti (1802-1878)

marco Zani Ferranti
Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti (1802-1878) was an Italian classical guitarist and composer. Zani de Ferranti was born in Bologna. He began to learn music on the violin, but later switched to guitar at age 16. In 1820, he moved to Paris and later to Saint Petersburg, before settling in Belgium. Ferranti was a contemporary of Hector Berlioz, Rossini and Paganini. He who also was renowned as a poet, a composer, a highly regarded concert guitarist and the Court Guitarist to the King of Belgium.

Romantic Era. No. 1 from six Melodies Nocturnes Originales, Opus 4a. 2 Pages. Time Signature 6/8. Key of Em. Andante sostenuto. 25 bars.

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