Ballad for Beautiful Elena by Viktor Kozlov (Guitar Tab)

Ballad for Beautiful Elena by Victor Kozlov (1958-2021)

Victor Kozlov
Viktor KOZLOV, a graduate of Urals State Conservatory participated in a lot of competitions of guitar music both in Russia and abroad. As a composer of original music for classical guitar Viktor was awarded first Diploma in Donetsk (1982), Moscow (1988). At the Ninth International Guitar Festival in Estergom (Hungary) he became a third prize winner as a composer (1989). Some of his compositions have already been published in Russia, England and Germany. Guitarists N.Komolyatov (Russia), E.Gridushko (Byelorussia), V.Zshadko (Ukraine), Simon Dinnigan (England) include his compositions in their programs.

20th century. 68 Measures. 4 Pages. Time Signature 4/4. Key D. Tranquillo

Guitar Pro Demo (Irina Kulikova)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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