Gymnopedie No 1 by Erik Satie (Guitar Tab)

Gymnopedie No 1 by Erik Satie (1866-1925)

Erik Satie
Written in 1888, the 3 piano pieces entitled Trois Gymnopedies are probably French composer Erik Satie’s most famous work. Gymnopedies named after the Gymnopaidiai festival of ancient Sparta. These short, atmospheric pieces are written in 3/4 time, with each sharing a common theme and structure. Collectively, the Gymnopédie are regarded as the precursors to modern ambient music – gentle yet somewhat eccentric pieces which, when composed, defied the classical tradition. Erik Satie is today also considered to have been at the forefront of the impressionist movement.

Romantic. 3/4 Time Signature. 57 bars. 5 pages. Key of A minor. Lento

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