Czárdás by Vittorio Monti (Guitar Tab)

Czárdás by Vittorio Monti (1868-1922)

Vittorio Monti
Vittorio Monti was an Italian composer, violinist, mandolinist and conductor. His most famous work is his Csárdás, written around 1904 and played by almost every gypsy orchestra. In Paris, Monti was a significant figure in the Mandolin community, he created the “La Stella”, a group based around mandolin and guitar works and compositions.

20th century. Originally written for the violin. Drop D. 2/4 Time Signature. Key of D/D minor. 11 pages. 134 Measures. Transcribed by N. Casuscelli

Guitar Demo (Dimitri Lavrentiev)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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