Andantino in A minor by Ferdinando Carulli (Guitar Tab)

Andantino in A minor by Ferdinando Carulli
Grade 2– Early Intermediate
Time 1:00

Ferdinando Carulli
Ferdinando Carulli was born in Naples, Italy on February 10, 1770. Carulli’s first musical instruction was on the cello, but he soon turned his attention to the guitar. Carulli was entirely self taught, as there were no guitar teachers in Naples at the time. Despite having no formal instruction on the guitar, Carulli rapidly became known as one of the leading virtuosos of his day.

There are 4 parts to this song each with 8 measures. 32 bars in total. In my video, I play this song straight abcd. but Andantino in A minor is actually longer-double the length-as you are supposed to play each part twice (AA-BB-CC-DD). Time signature is 2/4. Standard tuning. Watch out for the right hand fingering for the upward sweep in Bar[20], part C of the song.
This piece was taken from Classical For The Guitar by Jerry Synder.

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