Albada y Paisaje by Regino Sainz De La Maza (Guitar Tab)

Albada y Paisaje by Regino Sainz De La Maza (1896-1981)

Regino Sainz De LaMaza
Regino Sainz de la Maza y Ruiz was a Spanish classical guitarist. He also shared a close friendship with composer Antonio José Martínez Palacios, who dedicated him some of his guitar compositions. His younger brother Eduardo Sainz de la Maza was also an acclaimed guitarist and composer.

20th century. Allegro. 96 Measures. 4 Pages. Time Signature 6/8. key of E. No. 1 from La Frontera de Dios. Composed for “La Frontera de Dios” movie. Albada: A poetic or musical composition that expresses feelings related to the arrival of the day. In some areas of Spain the albadas are sung on the eve of the patron saint festivities. Paisaje: Extension of land seen from a certain place and considered as a spectacle.

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