Toque Por Alegrias by Luis Maravilla

Toque Por Alegrias by Luis Maravilla (1914–2000)

Luis Maravilla Luis Maravilla (Luis Lopez Tejera) was a Flamenco composer. He was born in Seville, Spain. Maravilla studied guitar under Marcelo Molina and Pepe de Badajoz, and debuted professionally at the age of 12 in the Pavon Theatre of Seville. In the 1930’s he toured much of North and South America.

Flamenco. 160 Measure. 11 pages. 3/4 Time Signature. Rasgueado. Capo 2. Key of A.

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3 responses to “Toque Por Alegrias by Luis Maravilla”

  1. David Schell says:

    Dear Folk , Thankyou very much , I have , old , Luis Maravilla Leccion De Guitarra Flamenca method . Found it many years ago in a second hand store . Size about 33cm by 33cm , 49 pages plus scratchy LP record , One day hope to be able to CD it . Thankyou very much for helping , the postings are better than the books method which is only tabs. . Sincerely yours , david .

    • admin says:

      You are most welcome. Do u have a scanner? The book u have probably is not available nowadays. At least not where i live which is malaysia. If u could scan some pages or pieces, i can tab it out in guitar pro in no time and export to midi or nylon guitar mp3 track. So there u will have your cd in a digital format! Also all the notes will be provided along with the tab.

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