Etude in E Minor (Allegro Moderato) by Fernando Sor

Etude in E Minor (Allegro Moderato) by Fernando Sor
Exercise (Paimimim-Paim-Paim) (Paimimim-Paimimim)

Etude in E Minor is a fine example of one of many Fernando Sor’s studies which focus on the right plucking hand. A study in the key of E minor at (Allegro Moderato) , played at a moderate to fast pace. This piece is 52 bars long with a 10 barre chords. Memorize the right hand pattern helps. Keep the plucking speed uniform at all time. You can undulate the volume for mood but there are certain notes that must be accented or played loudly. For example the second note of Bar[1] and [2] displayed in the tab image below.

There’s a general beat between 2 adjacent measures (3 beat, 2 beat). For example: 3 beats on bar[1] and 2 bar[2] and so on. (Paimimim-Paim-Paim) (Paimimim-Paimimim). You play these beats with your thumb(P) and suspend these notes.

Bar[1]-[4] The main riff for the song. These 4 bars appears 3 times throughout Etude in E Minor.

Bar[29] reverse pattern. you have been playing one main pattern (paimimim-paim-paim) in this measure, you are introduce with another patterm (pamimimi-pami-pami). This pattern is a mirror image of the former. Make sure you flip back to the original pattern after this measure.

Bar[33]-[33] The ongoing finger plucking pattern you have been playing has be widen.

Bar[14],[20],[42] Flatten finger to form a barre on the treble string (b and e)

Bar[46]-[48] A slight variation of the main pattern with a funky backbeat on the treble e string.

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