Wascha Mesa by Hans Newsidler

(Wascha Mesa) Italian Dance by Hans Neusidler (1508-1563)

hans Neusidler
Hans Neusidler was one of the leading figures in the development of 16th cnetury German Lute music. He achieved considerable success not only as a performer and composer, but also as a lute maker and teacher. His sons, Melchior and Conrad (he had 13 children altogether), were also prominent lutenists and composers in their own right.

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Between 1536 and 1549 Neusidler published 8 books of Lute Music, the first of which contains an important introduction on playing the lute.
It was common practice in Neusidler’s time to use the right-hand middle finger (m) or thumb (p) on the strong beats of any group of eight notes wherever possible. pipi or mimi
Renaissance Era. 73 Measure. Key of A minor. Easy guitar piece. 4/4 Time Signature. Unique plucking. middle on the upbeat. 3 String tuned down to F#. Including Part 2 Der Hupff Auff.

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