Victory Rag by Traditional (Guitar Tab)

Victory Rag by Traditional

merican folk music is a musical term that encompasses numerous genres, many of which are known as traditional music or roots music. Roots music is a broad category of music including bluegrass, country music, gospel, old time music, jug bands, Appalachian folk, blues, Cajun and Native American music.

Victory Rag by TraditionalVictory Rag by Traditional

Traditional USA. 19 Measures. 4 Page. Time Signature 4/4. Easy Piece. Key of C.

2 thoughts on “Victory Rag by Traditional (Guitar Tab)”

  1. Martin Wilkinson


    What a great site! You must very proud of it. I play a Classical type acoustic guitar; so, your site is really good for me. While downloading from the ‘Easy Pieces’ section, an ad or pop-up said something about making requests for the type of music one would like to see posted; however, I haven’t run across the notice since (I think it as for FaceBooK), therefore this comment.

    I would like to see more ‘Easy Pieces’ of the American and African Roots, like ‘Victory Rag.’ I haven’t run across any African Roots sheet music or archives and think that would be an outstanding addition. However, I also am interested in any Traditional or Roots music: Mexico, Carribbean, Afro-Cuban, Latin, Eastern Europe, Meditteranean, and Arab to name a few.
    But, If I had a limited choice, the American and African Roots and/or Traditional style would be my choice for now.

    Thanks you very much for your time and such an incredible website.


    1. Hi. Thank u very much!!!
      Can you provide some NAMES of pieces and composers of these genres?
      I will do my best


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