Twin Six Shooters by Doyle Dykes

Twin Six Shooters by Doyle Dykes (1954-)

Doyle Dykes
Doyle Dykes is an American country acoustic guitarist. He has influenced by a wide variety of musical styles and musicians such as Chet Atkins, the Allman Brothers, to the Beatles and U2. Cited along with guitarists such as Tommy Emmanuel as one of the best finger-style guitarists in the world, he is also known for his capability of playing proficiently with a wide range of different guitar tunings.

20th century. Fingerstyle. Acoustic. 103 Measures. 13 Pages. Time Signature 4/4. A great fingerstyle piece that makes heavy use of flamenco-like arpeggios and runs. Starting in measure 7, Dykes uses a-m on the upstroke and i on the downstroke. Using i for both the up- and downstrokes would also work. Throughout the piece, Dykes uses a thumbpick to keep the bass line loud and thick. Have fun. From the “Dykesology” tab book

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