Study 2 in C Major by Napoleon Coste (Guitar Tab)

Estudio by Napoleon Coste (1805 – 1883)
Time 0:24

Napoleon Coste
Napoleon is french and is a major figure in guitar composition of the mid-nineteenth century. Napoleon was taught by his mother at a very early age. Napoleon later became Fernando sor’s student and quickly established himself as the leading French virtuoso guitarist. Napoleon is the first composer to transcribe guitar music of the 17th centurty to the modern era.

A very short song to introduce a beginner to the classical guitar. Play Twice. 8 Bars in total. In the key of C. No Barre Chords. Hammer on, pull offs. Note suspensions. 4/4 Time Signature. Feel Free to change the right hand fingering. For beginners play Napoleon Coste’s studywithout the ring finger(a)

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