Skoodle Loo Doo by Blind Blake (Guitar Tab)

Skoodle Loo Doo by Blind Blake (1896-1934)

Blind Blake
Blind” Blake was an American blues and ragtime singer and guitarist. His first recordings were made in 1926 and his records sold very well. His first solo record was “Early Morning Blues” with “West Coast Blues” on the B-side. Both are considered excellent examples of his ragtime-based guitar style and are prototypes for the burgeoning Piedmont blues.

Blues and RagTime. 37 measures. 3 pages. 4/4 Time Signature. Key of C.

3 thoughts on “Skoodle Loo Doo by Blind Blake (Guitar Tab)”

  1. hello and firstly thank you for an amazing guitar resource. each piece has a midi, a GPx and PDF file. I can’t seem to get any download for midi on my I pad and I don’t know what a GPx file is. do I need to download the flash cards to hear the midi files?
    regards David

    1. gpx is guitar pro. For anyone who wants to edit the music sheets. midi can be heard with quicktime(mac) or vlc(windows) on the desktop computer.

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