The Old Lime Tree by Sergey Rudnev (Guitar Tab)

The Old Lime Tree by Sergey Rudnev (1955)

Sergey Rudnev
Russian guitarist and composer Sergey Ivanovich Rudnev was born in 1955 in Tula. The Old Lime Tree “Lipa Vekovaya” is a Russian Folklore song. In 2015 Sergey Rudnev was named a Russian ‘National Treasure’, and numerous publications on his life and work hail Rudnev as ‘the soul’ of Russian guitar, a legend, a multi-instrumentalist and one-of-a-kind researcher.

21 century. 3 pages. 82 bars. 3/4 time signature. Key of D. The piece is beautiful and has many techniques. Bar 85 – 116 are accelerated triplets. Bar 121-128 uses a Rasgueado played with the flesh of the index finger-I have never seen before!

Guitar Demo (Bryan Fasola)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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