Quatre Montferines by Luigi Castellacci (Guitar Tab)

Quatre Montferines by Luigi Castellacci (1797-1845)

Luigi Castellacci was a prominent guitarist of the first half of the Nineteenth Century, whose importance today is somewhat less than the one attributed to him by the musical world during his life. He started his musical studies in his home city, devoting himself initially to the mandolin; but he changed soon to the guitar, evidently recognizing its greater resources. He soon had success as a concert guitarist and had moved by 1820 to Paris, where he lived for a long time. His artistic journeys carried him to the greatest musical European centers: in 1825 he distinguished himself in Germany and, from 1834, in London, enjoying success and an increasingly good reputation everywhere.

Classical. Time Signature 6/8. Key of A. 75 measures. 6 pages. Duet

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