Preludio No 3 by Heitor Villa Lobos (Guitar Tab)

Preludio No 3 by Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)

Heitor Villa Lobos
Heitor Villa-Lobos was a Brazilian composer, described as “the single most significant creative figure in 20th-century Brazilian art music”. Villa-Lobos has become the best-known and most significant Latin American composer. His music was influenced by both Brazilian folk music and by stylistic elements from the European classical tradition.

Modern. 39 Measures. 6 Pages. Time Signature 2/4. Key of a minor. Prelude No 3 is subtitled “Homenagem a Bach” (Homage to Bach), is in the key of A minor, marked “Andante”, and is the third of the Five Preludes, written in 1940.

Guitar Demo by Julian Bream

Preludes No 1-5

  1. Prelude 1 in E minor
  2. Prelude 2 in E
  3. Prelude 3 in A minor
  4. Prelude 4 in G
  5. Prelude 5 in D

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