Prelude 7 in A by Francisco Tarrega (Guitar Tab)

Prelude 7 in A by Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909)

Francisco Tarrega
Tárrega is considered to have laid the foundations for 20th century classical guitar and for increasing interest in the guitar as a recital instrument. Tárrega preferred small intimate performances over the concert stage. Some believe this was because he played without the nails needed for volume. Others say this was related to his childhood trauma.

This prelude is in the key of A and is No 7 of 35 preludes from the great maestro Francisco Tarrega. Not a lengthy tune being 31 bars. Prelude in A spans less than a minute. The challenging part of the prelude comes at the very end. Start Slow because this prelude concludes with 3 full measures of semi quavers (24 notes run). Remember, if you start too fast, you risk stumbling at the end. Other thing to watch out for is Prelude in A has several barre chord positions towards the high end (11th fret). If you have a cutaway classical guitar, it will be a good time to grab it. A cutaway will give you space to position these high end barre chords easier.

31 Bars. 2/4 Time Signature. Standard Tuning. Play all bass notes with thumb.

Bar[10] Tricky Slide (second finger) to Barre Position.
Bar[24] From a barre chord position. Use base of your index finger to sound the Note E (fifth fret on B string).
Bar[26]-[28] Fastest part of song. Semi quavers for 3 measures. 24 notes run. pay attention to right hand (RH) fingering. For speed, attack the strings by alternating your fingers-never play successive notes with the same finger.

Guitar Demo (Steven Watson)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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