Portrait by Stanley Myers

Portrait by Stanley Myers (1930-1993)

Stanley Myers was a prolific British film composer who scored over sixty films. Born in Birmingham, as a teenager Myers went to King Edward’s School in Edgbaston, a suburb of Birmingham. He is also known for composers music for cult films House of Whipcord, Frightmare and House of Mortal Sin for cult filmmaker Peter Walker. He is best known for Cavatina (1970), an evocative guitar piece that served as the signature theme for Michael Cimino’s 1978 film The Deer Hunter, and for which Myers won the Ivor Novello Award. A somewhat different version of this work, performed by John Williams, had appeared in The Walking Stick. And yet another version had lyrics added. Cleo Laine and Iris Williams, in separate recordings as He Was Beautiful, helped to make Cavatina become even more popular.

2/4 Time Signature. 5 pages. 42 Measures. Key of E m.

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