Panaderos by Esteban De Sanlucar (Guitar Tab)

Panaderos by Esteban De Sanlucar (1910-1989)

Esteban De Sanlucar
Esteban de Sanlúcar (1910-1989) was a guitarist and composer Spanish gender flamenco. He began his musical career in private meetings and cabarets, theater companies involved subsequently with Pepe Marchena and Angelillo , among others. The last forty years of his life were spent in Latin America , in Venezuela and Argentina , where he alternated his work as “guitarist” to teaching and composition.

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Flamenco Era. 88 measures. 3/4 time signature. 8 pages. Capo 4 fret.

Guitar Demo (Grisha Goryachev)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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