Cullare la Tempesta (To Lull The Storm) by Scott Ouellette (Guitar Tab)

Cullare la Tempesta by (To Lull The Storm) by Scott Ouellette

Scott Ouellette
Scott Ouellette first picked up the guitar at the age of five. As a self-taught guitarist, he was fascinated by the sounds of classical and jazz guitar music. He spent hours learning concert level compositions by ear, and taught himself how to read music during the process. By his early to mid teens, Scott was sitting in with groups of various genres, performing hundreds of shows professionally in clubs and restaurants, gaining valuable experience as a performer.

20th century. Lullaby. Time Signature 3/4. 3 pages. 46 Measures. Key of D. Drop D.

Guitar Demo (Scott Ouellette)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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