Opus 50 Pavane by Gabriel Faure (Guitar Tab)

Opus 50 Pavane by Gabriel Faure (1845-1924)

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) was a French composer, organist, pianist and teacher. He was one of the foremost French composers of his generation, and his musical style influenced many 20th-century composers. Most French composers at the time became famous by writing operas, but Faure only wrote one opera. His most important works are his French songs, chamber music and piano music. His Requiem (which includes a solo, Pie Jesu, for a treble singer or soprano) is one of the most popular of all requiems and can be performed with quite a small orchestra and choir.

Late Romantic. 4/4 time signature. 55 Measures. 5 pages. Key of e minor.

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