Minuet by Charles Dieupart

Minuet by Charles Dieupart (1667-1740)

Charles Dieupart was a French harpsichordist, violinist, and composer. He was most probably born in Paris, but spent much of his life in London, where he settled sometime after 1702/3. A prominent member of the Drury Lane musical establishment, Dieupart was active both as composer and performer and actively participated in the musical life of the city. However, after about 1712 he earned his income mostly by teaching, and in his later years lived in poverty. He is best remembered today for a collection of six harpsichord suites which influenced Johann Sebastian Bach’s English Suites.

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15 Measures. 2 Pages. 2 parts. 3/4 Time Signature. Key of A Minor. No Barre Chords. Easy Guitar Piece.

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