Opus 13 Romanze (Book 14 No 29) by Johann Kaspar Mertz (Guitar Tab)

Opus 13 Romanze (Book 14 No 29) by Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856)

Johann Kaspar Mertz
János Gáspár Mertz was born in Pozsony, Kingdom of Hungary, now Bratislava (Slovakia). A virtuoso, he established a solid reputation as a performer. Mertz’s guitar music, followed the pianistic models of Chopin, Mendelssohn, Schubert and Schumann, rather than the classical models of Mozart and Haydn (as did Sor and Aguado), or the bel canto style of Rossini (as did Giuliani).

Late Classical/Early Romantic. Allegretto. Time signature 4/4. 69 measures. 7 pages. key of A minor. Op.13 Bardenklange (Baltic Sounds) (Book 14 No 29)

Tab Note: Bar 6 on the original notes pdf shows a low D? (Used only once in the entire piece). Is this piece meant to be played for the 7th string? A mistake? I put D on the fourth open string instead making it sounds exactly like the Audio Demo below. Bar 7-9, I took some liberty in the tempo change. You are supposed to play this 3 bar passage with passion! Having the notes played in a uniform tempo does not sound “appassionato”.

Audio Demo

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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