Luz de Verano (guajira) by El Periquín

Luz de Verano (guajira) by El Periquín (Peter Kalb)

El Periquín started playing flamenco at age 12 and became a much wanted flamenco guitarist, mainly through selfstudy. Late 80’s, he moved to Spain, where he was invited by Spanish flamenco master Manolo Sanlúcar to follow some masterclasses. He also took lessons from Rafael Cañizares. El Periquín survived Spain by showing his talent in the world’s most famous dance academy “Amor de Dios”, where he worked with dance masters like Carmen Cortés, El Ciro, Joaquín Ruíz. With Andrés Marín, he toured all over Europe and Russia. In 1991 he won the Hans Snoeck award.

20th century. 143 Measures. 12 Pages. 4/4 Time Signature. Key of A.

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