Los Caujaritos (Arranged by Alirio Diaz) by Ignacio Figueredo (Guitar Tab)

Los Caujaritos by Alirio Diaz (1923-2016)

Alirio Diaz
Díaz was born in Caserio La Candelaria, a small village near Carora in western Venezuela. In 1951 he went to Siena (Italy), seeking to study with Andrés Segovia. There he impressed Segovia greatly with his flawless technique and extensive repertoire.

Music by Ignacio “Indio” Figueredo (1899-1995), one of the most famous player of the Llanera harp. He like Alirio Diaz is from Venezuela.
Standard Tuning. Time Signature 3/4. Key of G Major. 9 pages. 99 measures.

Guitar Demo (Alirio Diaz>)

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