La Llorona Traditional Spanish Ballad (Guitar Tab)

La Llorona Traditional Spanish Ballad

The title of this traditional ballad translates as “The Weeping Woman.” The basic story is that La Llorona was a beautiful woman who killed her children to be with the man that she loved. She drowned the children and then, after being rejected ande eventually killed herself. She is doomed to wander, vainly searching for her children for all eternity. Her constant weeping is the reason for her name. In some cases, according to the tale, she will kidnap wandering children or children who misbehave. Though popular in Mexico, the origins of the song and its tragic tale of murder lies in Spain. Due to the freer performance style of folk songs, you may repeat any of the sections as many times as you like. Play at a moderate tempo with ample amount of feeling.

This is a traditional song consisting of 4 sections. The chords are only a handful, mainly Am, Dm, G, F, E7. There are a few hinged chords and double plucks also. Suspend bass note throughout measure.

Hinged Barred Chord. Keep 1st finger down (flatten) for beat 2.

F barre chord at 3rd fret. Position left thumb at the lower end of the
neck to provide more strength to sound the 3 treble notes.

Part B
Arpeggio with some interesting double plucks (every other note)

Part D
Hardest section because of the numerous Barre Chords.

Taken From Spanish For Guitar by Howard Wallach.

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