Koto Music by Carey Blyton (Guitar Tab)

Koto Music by Carey Blyton (1932-2002)

Carey Blyton was a British composer and writer best known for his song Bananas In Pyjamas (1967) which later (1992) became an Australian children’s television series, and for his work on Doctor Who. Blyton, a nephew of children’s author Enid Blyton, showed a talent for science from an early age, and didn’t switch to music until he contracted polio and as he was recovering, began taking piano lessons in 1948 at the age of sixteen. In the 1950s he began his training as a composer and won several certificates and awards. Blyton is primarily known as a miniaturist, composing short orchestral scores for live performance. During his lifetime he produced some well-regarded and often humorous pieces including Return of Bulgy Gogo (a tribute to composer Peter Warlock), Up the Farringdon Road, Mock Joplin which was written for piano and saxophone, and Saxe Blue written for the same instruments.

Soundtrack. 3/4 Time Signature. 2 pages. 30 Measures. Key of D.

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