Julia Florida (Barcarola) by Agustin Barrios Mangore (Guitar Tab)

Julia Florida (Barcarola) by Agustin Barrios Mangore

Agustin Barrios Mangore
Barrios’s compositions can be divided into three basic categories: folkloric, imitative and religious. Barrios paid tribute to the music and people of his native land by composing pieces modeled after folk songs from South America and Central America. Imitating the compositional style and techniques of the Baroque and Romantic periods was another side to his craftsmanship.

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The barcarola is the style of music sung by the gondoliers in Venice, Italy or any music that is created in this style. The music is typically in 6/8 or 12/8 meter to simulate the motion of the boat moving through the waves of the water with the rhythmic rowing of the gondolier.

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The piece never abandons the 3 eighths note pattern nor the almost pedal like bass pattern that accompanies the ever moving dotted quarter notes.
61 Measures. 5 Pages. Time Signature 6/8. Key of D. Drop D Tuning. Harmonics. Barcarola

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