Il Bianco Fiore by Cesare Negri

Il Bianco Fiore by Cesare Negri

Casare Negri was a renowned Italian dancing instructor of the secong half of the 16th century. His important treatise on the dance, Le gratie d’amore, contains 43 most popular dance tunes of the day in both lute and standard music notation.

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It is unknown whether Negri himself played the lute, and his setting for Il Biano Fiore (The white Flower) is in all likehood of the work of one of his contemporaries. Il Bianco Fiore has Drop D tuning. 16 Measures. Couple of Trills. In Renaissance music, trill often means to alternate rapidly between an auxiliary note and the main note. It is also in the style to reverse the direction of the trill. In other words, one can start on the main note, hammer-on the auxiliary note and pull-off back to the main note. Probably it is best to do this just once. This is called an inverted mordent.

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