Hommage A Tarrega 2 Soleares by Joaquin Turina (Guitar Tab)

Hommage A Tarrega II. Soleares by Joaquín Turina (1882-1949)

Joaquin Turina
Joaquín Turina was a Spanish composer of classical music.Turina was born in Seville but his origins were in northern Italy (between Verona, Brescia and Mantova). Joaquín Turina helped to promote the national character of 20th-century Spanish music.

20th century. Flamenco. Spain. 126 measures. 3/4 time signature. 8 pages. Arranged by Andres Segovia.

Guitar Demo (Bianka Szalaty)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

Hommage a Tarrega is Turina (1882-1949) 5th and final piece written for the guitar. Soleares style is performed in 3/4 meter, originating in Andalusia where the influence of Muslim cultures was especially strong which reflected in the frequent use of the Phrygian mode in the folk music of the region. Turina’s Soleares is written at a fast tempo and contains signature hand-tapping on the guitar body as well as expressive melodic passages that require advanced technique from the performing musicians.

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