Gymnopedie 3 by Erik Satie (Guitar Tab)

Gymnopedie 3 by Erik Satie (1866-1925)

Erik Satie
Written in 1888, the 3 piano pieces entitled Trois Gymnopedies are probably French composer Erik Satie’s most famous work. Gymnopedies named after the Gymnopaidiai festival of ancient Sparta. These short, atmospheric pieces are written in 3/4 time, with each sharing a common theme and structure. Collectively, the Gymnopédie are regarded as the precursors to modern ambient music – gentle yet somewhat eccentric pieces which, when composed, defied the classical tradition. Erik Satie is today also considered to have been at the forefront of the impressionist movement.

Romantic. key of A minor. Drop D. 3 pages. 3/4 time signature. 60 measures. Lento. Arranged by Christopher Parkening.

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