Gentle Mary Lay Her Child by Joseph Simpson Cook (Guitar Tab)

Gentle Mary Lay Her Child by Joseph Simpson Cook (1859-1933)

The words and lyrics of the old Christmas carol ‘Gentle Mary Laid Her Child’ were written by the clergyman Joseph Simpson Cook (1859-1933) in 1859, Cook was born in England but emigrated to Canada in his youth where he became a Minister in the United Church of Canada. The music dates back to 1582 and is from the from Piae Cantiones. The Piae Cantiones is a collection of medieval Latin songs which originate from Finland. The first collection of these songs were published in the 1600’s by Theodoricus Petri Rutha. The first English edition was published in 1910 by G.R. Woodward.

Christmas. Gentle Mary Lay Her Child for classical guitar. 118 Measures. 9 Pages. 2/2 Time Signature. key of E. capo 4. 3 string tune to f#.

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