Frenesi by Alberto Dominguez

Frenesi by Alberto Dominguez (1913-1975)

Composer/arranger Alberto Dominguez was born in the Mexican state of Chiapas in 1913. In 1939, he composed two songs that went on to become standards of Latin jazz: “Frenesí,” recorded by Pérez Prado among many others, and “Perfidia,” perhaps most associated with Glenn Miller, although the biggest hit version was waxed by Xavier Cugat (and everyone from Nat King Cole to Benny Goodman and Jimmy Dorsey recorded it). Dominguez passed away in 1975.

Latin. Time Signature 4/4. Key of A. 56 measures. 8 pages. Rasgueado. Taken From Guitar Music of Cuba by John Zaradin.

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